Pizza Box Top Advertising

Why is pizza box top advertising so effective?

Our campaigns capture consumers' attention in a way no other media can. Our advertisements bypass the mailbox straight into people’s homes. No need to rely on someone opening a mailer, turning on the computer, radio, or T.V. Your ad is right there in front of them staring them in the face! 94% of the U.S Population Eats Pizza.

  • Consumers will save your ad and even post them on the refrigerator because the pizzeria menu along with valuable pizza coupons will be on the flyer, thereby being exposed to your message over and over.
  • Pizzerias deliver pizzas every day, 7 days a week! You get a steady flow of delivery! Not just a one-time dump. Biggest delivery days are Friday and Saturday- Your message is on their refrigerator before the busy weekend shopping. Consumers again are exposed to your message over and over.
  • Pizzerias deliver within a 3-4 mile radius…giving you laser tight focus for target marketing your message!
  • Pizza Box Ad Promotion is the most cost effective way to deliver your message inside local customers’ homes, dorms and offices while their sales barrier is down.
  • Imagine having your full color marketing message, hand delivered on every box of pizza by your local pizzeria. No other marketing vehicle can place your message before your target customers for such a low cost.
  • Deliver your message where it will be seen by 3 or 4 people for 45 minutes while consumers are relaxed in their home enjoying a pleasant dining experience among family and friends.
  • Be known as a part of your local business community and help promote local buying.
  • Pizza Box Top Ads keep your message front and center in your customers’ minds.

Run your ads on local pizza boxes today!

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